Music from Jersey Shore Episode 6, Season 4

(artist: Ginger Sling)

Jersey Shore Airdate: September 8, 2011

Wavves – Idiot

(scene: The gang waking up and getting ready for the day)

Wavves – King of the Beach

(scene: The girls shopping and going to lunch)

The Lost Chorus – Atlantic Pacific

(scene: Transition back to the house)

The Diamond Light – Thunderhorse

(scene: Mike and Ronnie Talking about their friendship and fixing relationships)

Trans Mississippi Theater – Cheer Alliance

(scene: Girls lost in Florence trying to find their way to the wine shop)

Ginger Sling – Tell Me

(scene: Girls coming back home and Snookie calling Jioni)

Marc Robillard – Come By Now

Pance Party – Fun Factory

(scene: Pauly D and Vinny fist pumping and acting like “Guidos”)

Meme – Waiting

(scene: Sammy and Ronnie having a conversation about another girl)

Air Dubai – Warm Days

(scene: Act In / Ronnie and Sammie on the patio arguing)

Trans Mississippi Theater – Lazy Girl

(scene: Act Out)

Heavy Young Heathens – A World of His Own

(scene: Act In)

Star 69 Records – Believe In The Music (DJ Boris Remix)

(scene: Sammie and Ronnie making out in the club)

Kevin Maroda – Mistakes (Midnight Society Mix)

(scene: Sammie and Ronnie making out in the club)

Kevin Michael – Taken By Storm

(scene: Ronnie dancing and then falling)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Shelter

(scene: Fight in the club between Deana and Snookie)

Atlantic Connection – Fair Game

(scene: Transition back to the house. Jwow and Snookie coming home)

Suddyn – Letting Go

(scene: Snookie in a fight with Jioni on the phone)

Lego Johnson – On The Bridge

(scene: Act In)

Phive (feat. J Timber & KO Kid) – Always Be Around

(scene: Waiter showing up to be with Deana)

Dandylion Warpaint – Drowning

(scene: Act Out)

Kopek – The Easy Way (D.B. Cooper)

(scene: End of show/ Snookie talking about her breakup with Jioni)

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