Music from Jersey Shore Episode 5 Season 6

Featured Artist: White Arrows | follow: @WhiteArrows

Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 18, 2012

Popular Giants – The Greatest Of All Time

(Previously On Jersey Shore)

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Sonia Rao – In My Room

(scene: Ronnie talks to Roger on the phone)

Chuck Nyce – I Did It My Way

(scene: Snooki gets ready and goes over to the Shore house)

My Final Words – Now It Makes Sense

(scene: Snooki takes Jenni to the doctor)

White Mystery – Ye Olde Stone

(scene: Jenni gets the prognosis on her ankle)

Popular Giants – We Want Your Soul

(scene: The guys go get food on the boardwalk)

The Vacations – Before You Change Your Mind

(scene: Jenni arrives home after her doctor appointment)

Stephanie Mabey – Surrender

(scene: Jenni lays in bed and Snooki talks to her)

Megha Maan (presents SupaFriendzZz) – Girls Wanna Have Fun

(scene: The cast goes to Karma)

Wondershow – Swig

(scene: Snooki talks about drinking)

White Arrows  – Settle Down

(scene: Mike leaves Karma and goes home)

Dinner And A Suit – Where We Started

(scene: Paula and Mike snuggle)

Keith Moody  – Do It Over Again

(scene: Steve takes Deena to the liquor store)

Popular Giants – Pretty Life

(scene: Sammi and Ronnie find Deena drunk in the bar)

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