Music from Jersey Shore Episode 5 Season 5

(Featured Artist: Handsome Furs)

Jersey Shore Airdate: February 2, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(scene: Theme Song)

Kate Crash – Ain’t Got Much

(scene: Vinnie drives home with the cast)

The New F.O.’s – Feel Good

(scene: Deena talks about Vinnie’s return)

Richie Beretta Feat. The Ranger – Gna Getchya (Da Silva & Lino Clean Vocal Mix)

(scene: The cast gets ready to go out)

Girls Love Shoes – Magical

(scene: The cast dancing at Karma)

Hell And Lula – Backstage Burden

(scene: The cast walks home from Karma)

Nycole Valentina – Flying Bombs

(scene: The cast goes to sleep after Karma)

The Narrative  – The Moment That It Stops

(scene: The girls decide to go out for drinks)

The Narrative – Libra

(scene: Snooki talks to Mike)

Nycole Valentina – Shotgun

(scene: The cast gets ready to go out)

Just Kait – More Than Make Believe

(scene: The cast gets ready to go out)

Avion Roe – Oxygen

(scene: The cast walks on the boardwalk)

Just Kait – I’m Out

(scene: The cast plays goes to the batting cages)

Craig Pro – Telephone Road

(scene: Snooki goes outside to take care of a problem)

Best Friends – I’m Sorry

(scene: Snooki and Mike talk to the camera together)

Stealing Signs – Aquila

(scene: Jenni calls her hairdresser)

Hell And Lula – Razor Love

(scene: Jenni’s hairdresser comes to the house)

Just Kait – Suffocate On You

(scene: The house gets a surprise visitor)

Amtrac – Distant Heartbreak

(scene: Mike runs into Roger on the boardwalk)

Sven Martin – Hopefully

(scene: Mike and Deena talk in the Shore Store)

Handsome Furs – When I Get Back

(scene: The cast hangs out at home)

New Cassettes – Munich And Berlin

(scene: Pauly and the guys have a laugh while driving)

Next On Jersey Shore …

Kyven – City Love

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