Music from Jersey Shore Episode 4 Season 6

Featured Artist: Kady Z

Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 11, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Arp Attack – Amnesty

(scene: Snooki and Jionni talk over lunch)

The Na Na Na’s – Two Team Dynamic

(scene: Jenni talks about the party she is planning)

Marching Band – Sparkle

(scene: Jionni says goodbye to Snooki)

The Electric Hearts – Be Mine

(scene: Jenni comes to visit Snooki)

The Magic 8’s – Any Way You Like It

(scene: The guys play in the yard)

Chuck Wild – Parents Gone

(scene: Recap of a girl that flashed the boys)

Night Fevers – Call Me Crazy

(scene: Jenni talks about Roger’s birthday)

The Vacations – Before You Change Your Mind

(scene: Jenni makes sure the restaurant is ready for Roger to arrive)

The Electric Hearts – How Dare You

(scene: Mike steps outside of the Shore Store to think)

Kady Z – Fun

(scene: Danny goes on a meatball date with Deena)

Chuck Wild – Dirty Dancing

(scene: Everyone gets together for drinks)

Chuck Wild – Spend The Night

(scene: The cast is dancing and drinking together)

Kill Paradise – Party With My Best Friends

(scene: Deena is dancing on the bar)

Chuck Wild – Here I Go Again

(scene: The cast heads onto the boardwalk)

Keith Moody – Up

(scene: Vinnie and Pauly go visit Snooki)

The Miracals – Oh I Know

(scene: The cast heads home)

Dane O – New Kicks (Baan’s Fierce)

(scene: Everyone gets ready to go out)

Chuck Wild – Shine

(scene: The cast is partying at Bamboo)

Chuck Wild – About Time

(scene: A random guy starts harassing Mike)

Doomtree – No Way

(scene: Ryan talks gets riled up over the buy bothering Mike)

Popular Giants – The Greatest Of All Time

(scene: A fight breaks out in Bamboo)

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