Music from Jersey Shore Episode 3 Season 6

Featured Artist: The Royalty

Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 11, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

White Arrows – Coming Or Going

(scene: Snooki gets ready to move out of the main house)

Frances – Good Fortune

(scene: Mike reflects on his sobriety)

UTKtheINC – Ain’t So Bad

(scene: Vinnie, Sammi and Mike go to work)

Night Fevers – Hold On

(scene: Snooki talks about Deena’s relationship with her boyfriend)

The Royalty – I Want You

(scene: Deena and Chris go on a date)

Annelise Collette – Dig

(scene: Deena and Chris hang out with Ronnie and Sammi)

Paper St. – Frenemy

(scene: Paula comes over to hang out with Mike)

Sonia Rao – Morning

(scene: Deena says goodbye to Chris in the morning)

My Final Words – Go To The Jukebox

(scene: Deena talks about not feeling well)

L’anarchiste – Sleep

(scene: Deena calls her mom)

Stephanie Mabey – Glorious

(scene: Snooki and Jionni walk home from their date)

Amy Winehouse – Rehab

(scene: Mike sings karaoke)

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