Music from Jersey Shore Episode 2 Season 6

Featured Artist: Deserted Coastal Property

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Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 4, 2012

The Lights Out – Get Away

(scene: Re-Cap)

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

DJ Roc – Ignition

(scene: The gang is dancing at Karma)

Bryan Dych – Surveillance

(scene: Ronnie and Sammi start to argue)

CDASH – Boy You Did It

(scene: The rest of the gang parties)

Fist Pump Nation  – Party Like A Rockstar

(scene: Mike reflects on things happening around him)

Motorcycle Dancefloor  – Bust It Open

(scene: Deena gets upset)

Megha Maan Presents SupaFriendzzz – Next Level

(scene: Mike acts as a wingman for Pauly)

Paper St. – Frenemy

(scene: The gang leaves Karma)

3 Theory – Simple Love

(scene: Deena talks about Chris)

Les Professionnels – Move

(scene: The gang arrives home for the night)

The Royalty  – Say The Word

(scene: Mike talks about not being hung over)

Levels – Regret

(scene: Ronnie is hungover at the house)

The Deltaz – Whiskey

(scene: Sammi, Ronnie and Mike go the boardwalk)

Parker Theory – Party Song

(scene: Deena and Vinnie have a conversation)

Stephanie Mabey – Zombie Song

(scene: Deena talks about Chris)

LaDiLaLa – Quiet My Love

(scene: The guys talk about Snooki’s wedding)

Ocha La Rocha – Tomorrow Is Coming

(scene: Pauly, Deena and Snooki go to work)

The Royalty  – Saint Bowie

(scene: Snooki talks about being a good employee)

Frances – Lawn Party

(scene: The girls go shopping)

The Woo! Worths  – When I Became A Tyger

(scene: The guys go to the boardwalk)

Keith Moody – Up

(scene: Jenni and Deena go get drinks)

The Electric Hearts – Shame, Shame

(scene: Snooki talks to Sammi about Jenni)

Levels – So Long

(scene: Snooki makes an announcement at dinner)

Deserted Coastal Property  – Writings On The Wall

(scene: Snooki talks about her feelings)

Army Of Freshmen – Close Encounter

(scene: The gang plays a game)

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