Music from Jersey Shore Episode 11 Season 6

Featured Artist: White Mystery follow: @MissAlexWhite


Jersey ShoreAirdate: December 6, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy


Frances – Lawn Party

(scene: Snooki opens gifts at the baby shower)

Catnaps – Kitten And Bear

(scene: Snooki talks about her baby shower)

Kari Kimmel – Brand New Day

(scene: Everyone leaves the baby shower)

Parker Theory – It’s Never Been Easy

(scene: Mike arrives at Snooki’s house)

Brad Fillatre – Wheels

(scene: Mike and Snooki talk about their friendship)

White Mystery – Farmer

(scene: Sammi talks about pranking the boys)

Megha Maan – Next Level

(scene: Chris arrives at the house)

Ocha La Rocha – Occam’s Razor

(scene: Deena talks about going to Aztec)

DJ Babyboi – Kill The Club

(scene: Mike and Pauly talk about drinking)

Chuck Wild  – Spend The Night

(scene: Mike talks to Paula about holding her cocktail)

N3XTST3P – Man Vs. Machine

(scene: Vinnie and Snooki arrive in the club)

Curious – Time Bomb

(scene: Everyone hangs out at the club)

Chuck Wild – About Time

(scene: Snooki makes a phone call)

Popular Giants – Pretty Life

(scene: The guys decide to have a boys’ night)

Dinner And A Suit – Love Is Risky

(scene: The girls decide to have a ladies’ night)

Catnaps – Why Don’t You Whisper

(scene: The guys meet up with Jionni)

Levels – Big Kids On Bikes

(scene: Jionni talks to Mike about Snooki)

The Papermaps – Inferior Ghost

(scene: The guys all toast Jionni)

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