Music from Jersey Shore Episode 11 Season 5

(Featured Artist: Amtrac)

Jersey ShoreAirdate: March 15, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Vicious Vicious – Beggars In The Rain

(scene: Mike talks about the prank Pauly and Vinnie pulled)

Air Dubai – Restless Youth

(scene: Coming Up on Jersey Shore)

Colleen Green – Dance The Night Away

(scene: Coming Up on Jersey Shore)

Tiny Animals – Chase Scene

(scene: Deena talks about getting ready to go to Jenk’s)

Atlantic Connection (Ft. Tetris & Julz) – Big Shot

(scene: Pauly sets his drink on Deena’s chest)

D-Lav, Shlavens & Craig Mitchell – Noises (Edson Pride Rapido Dub)

(scene: Vinnie talks to two girls at the bar)

Amtrac – In Love

(scene: One of the girls helps Vinnie find a woman that is DTF)

Buss One And The Black Madonna – Rebel Music

(scene: Deena gets upset at Mike for talking about her sister)

The Bartendaz – Theme Park

(scene: Vinnie propositions two lesbians)

Melismatics – Theez Daze

(scene: The cast heads back to the house)

N.E.P.H.E.W. – Nephgroove

(scene: Deena goes upstairs to confront Mike)

Bronze – Sara Lisa

(scene: Vinnie talks about his experience with the two girls)

Vicious Vicious – Let Me Down

(scene: The cast asks Vinnie about his night)

4 Da People – Holy Land (WMC Anthem)

(scene: The cast gets ready to go to Karma)

Erik Elias & Joey Alvarado – Meow (DJ Cytric Remix)

(scene: The cast is dancing and drinking)

Atlantic Connection – We Can Make It (Electro)

(scene: Mike runs into his brother at Karma)

Adrianne Serna – Let It Shine

(scene: The guys get ready to leave for the day)

Hogni  – Big Personality

(scene: Jenni and Ronnie cook dinner)

Plushgun – Our Way

(scene: The cast gets ready to eat their last Sunday dinner)

Two Guns  – Until We Part

(scene: The cast packs up and gets ready to leave)

The New F.O.’s – Travelin Man

(scene: Vinnie talks about his friendship with Pauly)

Anomie Belle – February Sun

(scene: Deena says goodbye to Pauly and Snooki)

Elaine Faye – You Know

(scene: Big Jerry arrives to pick up Pauly)

Tiny Animals – We Can Read The Stars

(scene: Snooki’s Dad arrives to pick her up)


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