Music from Jersey Shore Episode 10 Season 6


 Featured Artist: The Handcuffs | follow: @TheHandcuffs


Jersey ShoreAirdate: November 29, 2012

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Colin Schiller – Dizzy

(Previously On Jersey Shore)

The Handcuffs – Ooh Baby Baby

(scene: Snooki and Deena talk about Jionni)

Chuck The Triple Threat – Tell Me What You Need

(scene: Vinny talks about MVP at the club)

N3XTST3P – Venus V. Mars

(scene: Mike talks about Paula)

Popular Giants – Devil I Ain’t Done

(scene: Snooki calls Jionni about going to the baby store)

Benny Bugz – She’s My Skinny Minnie

(scene: Jenni and Vinny talk about Snooki’s baby shower)

Primo – She Got A Bubble

(scene: Everyone gets ready to go out to the club)

M-Bassy – Waves

(scene: Everyone is dancing in the club)

Soccius – Animal Pause

(scene: Mike talks about being in the club)

Primo – Turn Out

(scene: Jenni talks about leaving the club)

P Nutty – P Nutty

(scene: Everyone leaves the club)

Maurice – Midnight

(scene: Vinny meets two girls while walking home)

Rolls Royce – Ok To Dream

(scene: Vinny talks about his celibacy)

3 Pill Morning – Need Someone

(scene: Snooki talks about Jionni and Vinny)

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