Music from the I Just Want My Pants Back Season Premiere

(Featured Artist: Margo May)

Tonight we’re offering a big MP3 bundle of music for you. These songs are from artists featured throughout the debut Season of I Just Want My Pants Back. Songs from Diego Garcia, Cloud Nothings, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Margo May, National Skyline, Humans, Pepper Rabbit, Falcon, Voxhaul Broadcast, Canon Logic, Faded Paper Figures, The New F.O.’s, The Fling, and The Limousines.

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I Just Want My Pants Back – Airdate:  February 2, 2012

Surf City – Headin’ Inside

(scene: Jason rides his bike to the bar)

Free Energy – Bang Pop

(scene: Jason meets Jane at the bar)

In Flagranti – Pick a Trick

(scene: Jason and Jane have fun with the fridge)

Margo May – Hurricane

(scene: Jason and Jane the morning after)

Girls – Lust for Life

(scene: Jason call the Thai restaurant)

MNDR – Fade to Black

(scene: Jason calls Tina)

National Skyline – Get Lost

(scene: Eating Thai food in Jason’s apartment)

Electric Valentine – Binary Outbreak

(scene: Lench’s rooftop photo shoot)

Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

(scene: Lench’s has a party)

The Pass – Treatment of the Sun

(scene: Lench’s has a party)

Humans – Avec Mes Mecs

(scene: Jason hooks up with a lawyer)

Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl

(scene: Jason holds a boombox over his head)

The Soft Pack – C’mon

(scene: Song playing at Stacey’s party)

Pepper Rabbit – Send in the Horns

(scene: Jason finds Jane’s hair in the fridge)

Wavves – Post Acid

(scene: Final song playing with NYC skyline in the background)

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