Music from I Just Want My Pants Back Episode 9

(Featured Artist: The Thermals)

I Just Want My Pants BackAirdate: March 15, 2012

The Thermals – When We Were Alive

(scene: The gang hangs out at the bar, meets Tina’s new boy)

Snowmine – Nervous

(scene: Jason and Ness hang out in bed)

The Juliets – The Letter

(scene: Tina, Jason, Eric, and Stacey hang out, talk about Tina’s Green Day boyfriend)

Faded Paper Figures – I Fell Off My Name

(scene: Eric tells Stacey about his sexual qualms)

The War on Drugs – Baby Missiles

(scene: Ness introduces Jason to her friends)

3D Friends – The Day I Met You

(scene: Ness is disappointed by Jason’s gift)

Harlem – Beautiful and Very Smart

(scene: Tina suggests that Ethan may be better off leaving his band)

Dead Ghosts – Off the Hook

(scene: Ethan breaks the news to his band that he’s leaving them)

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Bird Balloons

(scene: Jason and Eric chat while they watch female singer on stage)

Thieving Irons – Artifacts

(scene: Eric and Stacey make up after their fight)

Left Alone – New York City

(scene: Tina convinces the band to take Ethan back)

Withered Hand – Hard On

(scene: Jason shows up at Ness’s door to apologize, she accepts)


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