Music from I Just Want My Pants Back Episode 8

(Featured Artist: Bronze)

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Bronze “Sara Lisa” – Free Download (right-click to save)

Starf*cker “Bury Us Alive” – Free Download (right-click to save)

Bleeding Rainbow “Wasting Time” – Free Download (right-click to save)

The Radio Dept. “This Time Around” – Free Download (right-click to save)

 I Just Want My Pants BackAirdate: March 8, 2012

Jacuzzi Boys – Crush

(scene: Tina and Stacey hang out in the park, Stacey is clearly distracted by something)

The Radio Dept. – This Time Around

(scene: Tina and Ness eat pizza, Jason joins them)

The Allah-Las – Catamaran

(Jason and Ness hit it off in front of Tina)

Quilt – Milo

(scene: Eric catches Stacey checking herself out in the mirror)

Bronze – Sara Lisa

(scene: Jason and Tina walk up to people cooking on the street)

Bonjay – Stumble

(scene: Stacey and Eric are being driven home while driver makes out in front seat)

Bachelorette – The National Grid

(scene: Stacey admits to Eric that she’d resent a baby borh from an unplanned pregnancy)

MAY68 – Last Mile

(scene: Tina and Jason finally get to the party)

Starf*cker – Bury Us Alive

(scene: Jason and Ness flirt)

Bleeding Rainbow – Wasting Time

(scene: Tina talks to Ness, Staey takes the pregnancy test)

Neighbors – I’m A Building, I’m On Fire

(scene: Stacey tells Eric she isn’t pregnant, Tina tells Jason that he should give Ness a chance)


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