Music from I Just Want My Pants Back Episode 5

(Featured Artist: Those Darlins)

I Just Want My Pants Back Airdate: February 23, 2012

Custom Kings – We Go Wild

(scene: Jason meets Tina for breakfast)

George Byrne – Goldmine

(scene: Eric looks at Tina’s rash)

Zee Avi – The Book Of Morris Johnson

(scene: Jason meets Gwen at her apartment)

Custom Kings – Who Will Be The One

(scene: Jason finished cleaning Gwen’s bedroom)

Blouse – Into Black

(scene: Jason puts his pants back on at Gwen’s)

The Ladybug Transistor – Life Less True

(scene: Tina tries cloths on)

Golden Triangle – Prize Fighter

(scene: Tina tells the intern about her “uncomfortable situation”)

Those Darlins – Waste Away

(scene: Jason goes back to Gwen’s pad)

Moving Units – Until She Says (We Are Enfant Terrible Remix)

(scene: Tina tells trcuk driver about her “uncomfortable situation”)

Maggie Eckford – Asleep

(scene: Jason and Gwen hook up in her office)

Ivy – How’s Never

(scene: Jason confronts Gwen about paying him for fooling around)

The Fling – No Sleep

(scene: Jason tells Gwen he doesn’t want to fool around anymore)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away

(scene: Tina bikes down the street, finds out she is disease free)

Eternal Summers– Pogo

(scene: Over drinks, the gang recaps)

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