Music from I Just Want My Pants Back Episode 6

(Featured Artist: The Rassle)

I Just Want My Pants BackAirdate: February 23, 2012

Black Pistol Fire – Trigger On My Fire

(scene: Jason and Tina walk up the stairs to her apartment)

Sleeper Agent – That’s My Baby

(scene: Tina admits to Jason that she hasn’t paid her rent in months)

Those Darlins – Boy

(scene: Jason makes phone calls from café)

Nightdogs – Bachelor Party

(scene: Jason talk to French lady for the first time)

Bikini – American Mourning

(scene: Jason and French girl notice a champagne cruise, hop aboard)

Class Actress – Let Me Take You Out

(scene: Jason and French girl hang out on the boat)

Jay Reatard – Always Wanting More

(scene: Tina throws her cloths out of her window)

Ivy – World Without You

(scene: French girl brings Jason into “her” apartment)

Rainbow Arabia – Without You

(scene: Jason and the French girl crawl into her tent)

Dead Letter Chorus – Yellow House

(scene: Stacey calls Tina)

The Rassle – Wild Ones

(scene: French girl steals cameras from the store)

Young Empires – Rain of Gold

(scene: Jason confronts his new girl about stealing)

Pepper Rabbit – Harvest Moon

(scene: Jason returns Tina’s scarf)

Young Empires – White Doves

(scene: Tina asks her mother for money)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Heaven’s Gonna Happen Now

(scene: Tina rips up the check her mom just gave her)

Alex Goose & Jake Troth – Alexandra

(scene: Jason and Tina lay in bed together)

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