Music from I Just Want My Pants Back Episode 3

(Featured Artist:Just Kait)

I Just Want My Pants Back Airdate: February 9, 2012

Eux Autres – Ecoutez Bien

(scene: Jason and Tina see Lench at the bar)

Vivian Girls – Damaged

(scene: Jason talks to Lench some more)

Thieving Irons – These Shaking Walls

(scene: Tina and Brett finish hooking up)

Chasing Kings – The Current State Of Our Future

(scene: Jason leaves the office after quitting)

Wavves – Take On The World

(scene: Jason arrives for his new “job”)

Faded Paper Figures – Being There

(scene: Jason yells at Lench)

Just Kait – Give It To Me

(scene: Tina talks to Jason on the phone)

Cloud Nothings – All The Time

(scene: Tina and Brett get to the party)

Belize – It’s OK

(scene: Kevin and Beth start making out)

Darlings – Eviction Party

(scene: Tina is ignored by Brett’s hipster friends)

Abbe May – No Sleep Tonight

(scene: Beth puts Eric’s hands on her chest)

Canon Logic – Howl in the Night

(scene: Jason talks to the bearded guy at James Franco’s party)

Darlings – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

(scene: Tina and Brett get in a public argument)

The Fling – Friend Of Mine

(scene: The foursome continues)

Diego Garcia – Nothing to Hide

(scene: Jason and Tina discuss her breakup)

Wild Nothing  – Live In Dreams

(scene: Jason sees Jane at the record label office)

Silver Jews – Trains Across The Sea

(scene: Jason walks near the pier)

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