Music from I Just Want My Pants Back Episode 11

(Featured Artist: Caveman)

I Just Want My Pants Back Airdate: March 29, 2012

Gringo Star – Light In The Sky

(scene: Jason and Tina enter the subway)

Custom Kings – I Remember The Good Times

(scene: Stacey tries to talk Eric into going to a pottery class)

Bangs – Fakes

(scene: Tina and Jason meet Kate at the bar)

Wax Idols – Gold Sneakers

(scene: Kate and Jason hook up; Kate does her impressions)

Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes

(scene: Kate asks Jason about getting a role in Spiderman)

Blouse – Videotapes

(scene: Paul and Tina get a bite to eat, he tells her that he’d like to spend his last night in New York with her)

Burning Hearts – I Lost My Colour Vision

(scene: Jason tells Kate that he has been misleading her, but she doesn’t seem to care)

Bowerbirds – Northern Lights

(scene: Paul tells Tina that he is going to miss her, they share a special moment)

A.N.R. – Stay Kids

(scene: Eric arrives at Stacey’s pottery class)

Caveman – Thankful

(scene: Paul lets Tina know that his job in London fell through)


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