Music from Happyland: Season 1 *FINALE*

Featured Artist: The Naked and Famous


Arp Attack – “Imaginary Movements”
Previously On

Cumulus – “Night Swimming”
Lucy surpised when she finds James Chandler at their front door

FMLYBND – “Electricty”
James Chandler on door step.

Young Liars – “Challenging Aquilon”
James and Elena talking. Asks how old Lucy is. Putting things together, but leaves before anything is revealed

Amy Stroup – “Back Burner”
Lucy prepared to tell Ian the truth, but sidetracked by Harper & Will

Carousel – “Close My Eyes”
Lucy and Will talking in Tunnel. Headless Ricky scares child and Lucy has to do damage control

Goldroom – “Fifteen”
Lucy and Elena talk in dressing room, Lucy runs through park on a mission

Rachel Taylor – “Come Alive”
In the lobby of the enchanted castle

The Naked and Famous – “Hearts Like Ours”
Lucy and Ian share “The Sexiest Kiss of all time”

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