Music From Happyland: Season 1, Episode 6

Featured Artist:  RAC feat. Body Language


National Skyline – “Get Lost”
Previously On

Cajsa Siik – “Higher”
Lucy and Harper enter the hub, which has been turned into a college fair.Over her talk with Harper, Will, and Noah

RAC feat. Body Language – “Ello Ello”
Will gives Lucy hard time over going away with Noah. Over title card

Soldout – “Far Away”
Elena sweeps, Lucy homes home to ask to borrow the car

The Deep Vibration – “Thanks To You”
Int Bricker – Will enters the Bricker, sees Ian and hesitantly goes to talk to him

National Skyline – “No Future”
Int Hub hallway, Will confronts Noah about the weekend trip with Lucy

16 Frames – “Looks Like Diamonds”
Lucy officially tells Noah she’s going on the trip with him

Amalie Bruun – “Broken Moon”
Int Hub locker – Elena leaves message for Lucy after incident with slapping VIP guest

The Vacations – “Better Place”
Will and Ian drink beer and watch people hooking up on the security cameras, bro-style reconsiliation

Gavin – “Foolish”
Will and Ian show Lucy photos of Noah with another girl. She breaks it off with him

Sleeper Agent – “Waves”
Elena tells Lucy about scholarship opportunity, continues as Lucy and Harper watch Noah pack up to go

A Minor Swoon – “Worn”
Will starts to tell Lucy he has feelings for her

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