Music From Happyland: Season 1, Episode 2

Featured Artist: Charli XCX


National Skyline – “Act Like We Do (Instr)”
Previously On

LoveLife – “Your New Beloved (Instr)”
Show open – pick up Lucy and Elena convo from end of pilot

Air Traffic Controller – “The House”
Lucy’s Locker to end of teaser

Seasick Mama – “Holy Smokes”
Lucy’s Locker to end of teaser

Blue Boats – “Summer’s Down”
Back of Will’s truck, source music playing from cab

Cash Cash – “Overtime”
Pool party at Chandler mansion. “Thumping Music”

Lauryn Vyce – “Let Me Be”
Mansion party #2 Lucy, now inside the party, playing quarters

Charli XCX – “Take My Hand”
Kids hang out and dance near the DJ

The Midi Mafia“Vampires”
Lucy walks outside to be sick, James Chandler arrives

The New F-O’s – “Feel Good”
Ian tells everybody the party is shutting down

Arum Rae – “Warranted Queen”
Lucy comes home drunk. Elena is up worried

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