Music from Good Vibes Episode 8

(featured aritst: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr)

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr is the featured artist in tonight’s episode of Good Vibes. This Detroit duo has built themselves a giant audience across the globe and released a critically acclaimed album this past summer titled, It’s A Corporate World [ buy ], and EP titled Horse Power [ buy ], and two remix albums released this Fall [ Volume 1 ] and [ Volume 2 ]

Good VibesAirdate: December 15, 2011

The Vice Five – Go It Alone

(Show Opens)

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – Nothing But Our Love

(scene: In A Dream Sequence, Mondo fantasizes about having a dance with Jeena at the High School Prom)

The Freshman – Hello There

(scene: Wadska strolls along the strand looking for a date to the prom. Then he see’s Miss Mila Kunis)

Chrishan – Take A Look At Me Now (Trick)

(scene: Everyone is in the limo and headed to the prom)

Mr Robotic – Hit The Dancefloor

(scene: The Limo arrives to the Prom)

Atlantic Connection – Hypem (ft Armanni Reign)

(scene: Walking into the prom. Gurniel DJ’s…)

Mr Robotic – Don’t Wanna Leave

(scene: Mondo cuts in between Woodie and Jeean dancing)

Nenna Yvonne – Go Around

(scene: Mondo and Woodie Bro-Dance)

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – Nothing But Our Love

(scene: Mondo’s fantasies come alive with his first dance with Jeena)

Party At Her Place – Beautiful Machine

(scene: Mondo rushes to the bathroom to help birthing Dede)

Chrishan – Break Ur Heart

(scene: Wadska get his slow dance with Mila Kunis)

HelloGoodBye – When We First Met

(scene: Sitting on the stoop at Mondo’s house…Mondo and Jeena finally get to share their first Kiss..)

+++ Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr‘s video below +++

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