Music from Good Vibes Episode 7

(artist: Chrishan)

Good VibesAirdate: December 8, 2011

Forest Sun – Love Seat

(scene: Mondo fantasizes about Jeena while Woodie tries to talk him down)

Colorsound – Midnight Feeling

(scene: Introduction To Milan and her Sweet Sixteen show)

Trak Kartel – Spotlight

(scene: Mondo’s got heat and is suddenly very popular)

Vette – She Got

(scene: Milan opening credit right before she gives a tour of her mansion)

Chrishan – Gucci Swag

(scene: Mondo and Milan drive up to school in her limo)

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

(scene: Opening of act 4. One night in Milan party montage)

Vultures United – Slam Dances With Wolves

(scene: Mondo and Jeena make their escape out of the party)

Jamestown Story – Love V Life

(scene: Mondo gets home to see that Baband & Woodie are there. He apologizes and all is well again)

The Submarines – Modern Inventions

(End of Show)

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