Music from Good Vibes Episode 6

(artist: Dwarves)

Good Vibes – Airdate: December 1, 2011

Neighborhood Brats – FTW 2010

(scene: Mondo and the kids run out into the icy cold water, and the race is on)

Sublime Ft Rome – Panic

(scene: Woodie arrives at the D-List Party on the beach)

MNDR – Jump In

(scene: While Mondo and Wadska are at the library studying, Woodie is having the time of his life at the D-List Party)

Hallway Ballers – Dirty Days

(scene: Mondo Spots Woodie at the D-List party)

Air Supply – All Out Of Love

(scene: Mondo and Woodie do not miss each other)

Dwarves – We Came Only to Get High

(scene: Mondo and Woodie rekindle their friendship through the power of video games as we hear Dwarves “We Came Only To Get High”)

Nenna Yvonne – Model Citizen

(scene: Milan’s Routine at the Penis debate)

The Submarines – Modern Inventions

(scene: Good Vibes Logo Reveal)

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