Music from Good Vibes Episode 4

(artist: Hallway Ballers)

Good VibesAirdate: November 17, 2011

The Generationals – Trust

(Show Opens)

Hallway Ballers – Don’t Stop

(scene: Transition To School)

2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone

(scene: Wadska Gymnastics Routine into the living room followed by the death of a bird)

Middleman – Can’t Hold Me Down

(scene: Wadksa Is out of the closet in his Amp Suit and starts firing paintballs at Mondo And Woodie)

Heavy Young Heathens – Roses

(scene: Turk Shows up at the front door, bent over, with a rose in his ass)

Hilary Duff – Come Clean

(scene: Mondo Interupts Jeena in the shower and then joins her in a glorious rendition of Come Clean)

Chrishan – Screaming In The Pillow

(scene: Babs and Teets bring home the horny loser and blast the Pound Sounds of Chrishan)

William Fitzsimmons – Blood and Bones

(scene: Mondo and Jeena have their first moment together and almost kiss only to be interupted by the best friend walkies)

The Submarines – Modern Inventions

(End of Show)

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