Music from Good Vibes Episode 2

(artist: Tarik NuClothes)

Good VibesAirdate: November 3, 2011

Fiction Reform – White’s In Their Eyes

(scene: Ft Lauderdale Babs Flashback)

Naughty By Nature – O.P.P.

(scene: Babs Flashback 1992)

Phantom Planet – California

(scene: Woodie heads out of his house ‘O.C.” style)

Ricky Rebel – Manipulator

(Song from Woodies Ghettoblaster)

George Baker Selection – Little Green Bag

(scene: Mondo/Woodie/Wadska set up Floatopia for the first time)

Justin Bieber – Baby

(scene: In Montage, Cell Phone ring for the pregnant cheerleader)

Pance Party – Fun Factory

(scene: Party Track at Floatopia, quick pan to Wadska in His G String)

Burnt – The Humans

(scene: Mondo Gives Jeena the Tour of Floatopia)

Semisonic – Closing Time

(scene: The guys realize their all out of alcohol and folks start sobering up)

Tarik Nu Clothes – Bubble Shaker

(scene: The Tallest Stripper Pole in the World)

Ke$ha – Blow

(scene: Mondo and Woodie attack Floatopia. Turk sounds the alarm, which is Kesha ‘Blow”)

The Submarines – Modern Inventions

(Good Vibes Logo Reveal)

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