Music from Good Vibes Episode 10

(artist: The Skeletones)

Good Vibes Airdate: December 22, 2011

Hallway Ballers – Cold Wind


(scene: Act Open. The guys look for a secret place to talk)


The Copyrights – Big Mistakes

(scene: Mondo,Woodie and Wadska get in the car and are off on a road trip)

The Skeletones – Jump Skank Swing Thing

(scene: The boys find the old folks at rancho nudero)

Pance Party – Kim Jong Thrill

(scene: The boys discover the rave party after the nudening dusk)

Breathe Carolina – Sweat It Out

(scene: Mondo is losing it)

Drive A – Revolt!

(scene: The nude old folks come storming down the hill and all hell breaks loose)

Jeremiah ft 50 Cent – Down On Me

(scene: Flare gun shot in the air. Mondo and Woodie rush to follow it and are close)

Latch Key Kid – Got To Be

(scene: Wadska gets his first kiss)

Flo Rida – Right Round

(scene: Ending of Show, Photo Montage)