Music From Ghosted: Love Gone Missing: Season 1, Episode 6

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing
Featured Artist: DBMK

VG LUCAS – Vanish
Theme Song.

DBMK – Heartscam
Russell goes to tell Khari about his past.

Fun Club – The Fall
Russell comes clean to Khari.

Wenz – Trust and Believe
Our hosts leave Russell’s place.

LUC – Ghost
Our hosts head to a restaurant.

Jasmine Crowe – Playing With Fire
Our hosts head to a hotel for the night.

Go Live Gang – Here We Come
Our hosts go to meet Destiny.

Charlotte Black – SYCL
Our hosts wonder if there really is a baby.

Kari Kimmel – Inevitable
Heading to the confrontation.

Natalie Taylor – Haunt Me
Destiny and Russell share a painful moment.


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