Music From Generation Cryo: Finale

Generation Cryo

Featured Artist: Matt Pond


Wild Myth – “You Belong Here”

Future Screens – “Don’t Stop”
Bree video chats with Jonah

The Happy Hollows – “Galaxies”
Bree does a video diary and leaves for LA

Houses – “Beginnings”
Bree and Jonah meet their half sister and tell her about their donor father

Alice and the Glass Lake – “Luminous”
Bree does a video diary; talks about meeting Maddie

Tycho – “Cloud Generator”
Bree reads the email from the sperm donor

Craft Spells – “Gallery”
All the siblings decide who they think looks most like the donor

Jensen Reed – “Find Our Way”
Scene open: The half siblings hang out and go shopping

Tan Vampires – “The Season Has Come”
Bree talks to Jesse about being the child of a sperm donor

Sam Flax – “Another Day”
Scene open: Bree does a video diary and reads an email from teh sperm donor

Matt Pond – “Love to Get Used”
Act Open: All the siblings meet Maddie

The Cinema – “Picasso”
The siblings hang out in Venice Beach

Goldroom– “Fifteen (ft. Chela)”
All the siblings sit on the grass as the sun sets over Venice Beach

General Ghost – “If Then”
End Montage


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