Music from Generation Cryo: Episode 3

Generation Cryo

Featured Artist: The Royal Concept 


Wild Myth – “You Belong Here”

State Shirt – “Cassettes”
Bree talks to her half siblings about meeting the donor

Misun – “My Time”
Bree finds out about the profile her half siblings have from the donor

Future Relative – “Finer Things”
Act Opening: Bree video chats with her mom

The Rassle– “Full Speed Ahead”
Bree, Paige, and Molly take a Duck Tour of Boston

The Royal Concept – “Gimme Twice”
Act opening: Bree goes clam digging and meets Paige and Molly’s family

Alice and the Glass Lake – “Higher”
Bree walks around Boston with Paige and Molly and they talk about their feelings regarding the idea of finding their donor father

Guards – “Silver Lining”
Bree and her half siblings eat lobster

Young Rival – “Night Song”
Laura tells Bree how much her and her family love Bree

The Donnies The Amys – “BMX”
Bree video chats with Jonah and Hilit

Krief – “Forever Goodnight”
Bree makes chicken salad with Paige and Molly’s family

The Royal Concept – “In The End”
Paige and Molly agree to help Bree find the donor father

The Static Jacks – “Wallflowers”
Act opening: Jonah sits down to eat with his father

Glass Caverns – “Let it Unfold”
Jonah talks about helping Bree find the donor father

I Is Another – “Queen of Swords”
Bree, Paige, and Molly pack to go to Oakland

The Royal Concept – “On Our Way”
End Montage



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