Music from Generation Cryo: Episode 2

Generation Cryo

Featured Artist: Grizfolk



Wild Myth – “You Belong Here”

The Cinema – “Kinetic”
Act open: Breanne leaves to go to Ojai, CA to meet her other siblings

Grizfolk – “Hymnals”
Bree, Jonah, and Hilit arrive in CA and meet their siblings at the airport

General Ghost – “You’ll Never Know”
Janis explains how she came to the decision of having artificial insemination and picking the donor

Beach Fossils – “What a Pleasure”
All the siblings talk about meeting the donor

Mideau – “Hejduk”
Act ending: Bree explains that she feels bad about upsetting Hilit while the siblings email the person they suspect to be their donor father

The Happy Hollows – “Beside Me”
Act open: Bree and her sisters go shopping and she tells the camera that they emailed their potential sperm donor father

Teen Daze – “By Love”
Bree and her sisters drive back from shopping after finding out the person they suspected of being their father said he wasn’t

City Society  – “The World Without Us”
Bree and her siblings decide to go to the cryo center and give them a letter to give the donor

Pillar Point – “Dreaming”
Bree, Jayme, and Jesse drive back to LA

The Happy Hollows – “Endless”
Act open: Bree arrives in Boston

White Arrows – “Get Gone”
Bree gets a tour of Boston from her half brother

Black Diamond Bay – “New Soldier”
Jesse takes Bree to meet his family

Bad Bad Hats – “Secrets Are No Fun”
Jesse’s parents talk about having Jesse

Tape the Radio – “Our Love Is A Broken Heart”
Act open: Bree and Jesse go to meet Julian

The Sea of Cortez – “World Apart”
Act open: Bree starts to get frustrated with trying to find her donor father

Fang Island – “Sisterly”
Jesse shows Bree the scrapbook from when he met with the other half siblings

Statistics – “Menu Screen”
Bree explains the donor application in her video diary

Future People – “Socks”
Act open: Bree and Jesse go hiking

Grasscut – “Pieces”
Bree and Jesse comb through the donor application and search for the donor

Wavves – “Beat Me Up”
Act open: Jesse and his father go to the driving range and talk

The Unlikely Candidates  – “Follow My Feet”
End Montage


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