Music from Generation Cryo: Episode 1 *SERIES PREMIERE*

Generation Cryo

Featured Artist: Night Terrors of 1927


Wild Myth – “You Belong Here”

Phantogram – “Don’t Move”
Scene: Breeanna skypes with Jonah and Hilit, her half siblings

Mean Creek – “It’s Good to be Back Again”
Scene: Breeanna introduces her friend to her half siblings over skype

Soul Position – “Blame It On the Jager”
Scene: Breeanna explains her plan to use DNA to help her find her donor father

Liptease – “Children”
Scene: Breeanna talks to her friends about talking to her moms about finding her donor father

Butterfly Boucher – “Table For One”
Scene: Breeanna walks in and sits down at the restaurant

Electric Valentine – “Body to Body”
Scene: Breeanna flys to Atlanta

Goldspot – “Clap Clap”
Scene: Breeanna meets her half siblings

Ben Kweller – “Gossip”
Scene: Everyone says prayers before dinner

Good Blood – “Soft Idea”
Scene: Breeanna talks to Jacobsons about herself

Neighbors – “Good Luck, Kid”
Scene: Breeanna leaves to hang out with Jonah and Hilit

Son Bleach – “Splinterz”
Scene: Breeanna, Jonah, and Hilit get to the house where the bonfire is at

Krief – “Perfect Bodies”
Scene: Breeanna calls her friends

White Arrows – “Little Birds”
Scene: Breeanna explains how she feels about hanging out with Jonah and Hilit

The Pass – “Alone Again”
Scene: Breeanna ends her conversation with her friend and goes to get bagels with Jonah

Somnous – “Rearview”
Scene: Breeanna, Hilit, and Jonah go shopping and talk about the other siblings

The Farewell Circuit – “Guard”
Scene: Jonah and Hilit’s dad talks to their mom about how he feels about them trying to find their biological father

Vess Ray – “Bright and Sunny Day”
Scene: Jonah and his father tell Breeanna that they signed the DNA form

The Night Terrors of 1927 – “Dust and Bones”
Scene: Breeanna leaves Atlanta after getting the DNA from Jonah

Bad Veins – “Nursery Rhyme”
Scene: Breeanna has breakfast with her moms

Tan Vampires – “I Found a Body”
Scene: Breeanna talks to her moms about finding her biological father over the summer

AM & Sawn Lee – “Dillon’s Song”
Scene: Breeanna’s mom tells her the story about her grandmother signing for the sperm to be delivered

Fang Island – “Daisy”
Ending montage

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