Music from Friendzone Season 4 Episode 8

wavves credit-lauren-dukoff

Featured Artist:  Wavves | photo credit: Lauren Dukoff

Friendzone – Airdate: September 23, 2013

Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Kill Paradise – Wake Up

(scene: Introduction to Marie and Barrington)

Brooke Gerhart – Meaning Of Grace

(scene: Marie talks about her friendship with Barrington)

SWIMM – Feels

(scene: Marie talks about her feelings)

The Mostly Ups – Light It Up

(scene: Marie gets ready for Barrington to arrive)

David Christopher Myers – All Things New

(scene: Marie gets ready for the date)

James Germain – Criminal Heart

(scene: The longest drive)

The Sun And The Sea – Something We Can All Leave Behind

(scene: Barrington talks about his feelings)

David Christopher Myers – Halo

(scene: The date continues)

The Composure – The One

(scene: Introduction to Jazzmin and Korey)

Matt Moberg – Four Hands

(scene: Jazzmin talks about her friendship with Korey)

Ari Herstand – New Day

(scene: Jazzmin talks about her feelings)

Blue Of Colors – Your Face

(scene: Jazzmin gets ready for the date)

Great Divide – Autumn Leaves

(scene: The longest drive)

Wavves – Cop

(scene: The date continues)

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