Music from Friendzone Season 4 Episode 6

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Featured Artist: Patrick Joseph

Friendzone – Airdate: September 17, 2013

Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Mark Mallman – So Much For Hollywood Endings

(scene: Monica talks about her friendship with Gabe)

Sarah Blacker – Darling

(scene: Monica gets ready for Gabe to arrive)

Dana Falconberry – Sleeping Bear

(scene: Monica gets ready for the date)

Feral Hymns – Some Sort Of Ending

(scene: The longest drive)

Brooke Gerhart – Butterflies

(scene: Introduction to Tiger and Marcus)

Patrick Joseph – Foot In The Door

(scene: Tiger talks about her friendship with Marcus)

Ari Herstand – Say What You Will

(scene: Tiger talks about her fears)

Lovelife – Your New Beloved

(scene: Tiger waits for Marcus to arrive)

Patrick Joseph – Piece Of Your Love

(scene: Tiger gets ready for the date)

Brooke Gerhart – Don’t Say A Word

(scene: Marcus reacts to Tiger’s admission of feelings)

Ari Herstand – New Day


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