Music from Friendzone Season 4 Episode 14

The Ceremonies MTV

Featured Artist: The Ceremonies

  WATCH: The Ceremonies “Land of Gathering”

Friendzone – Airdate: October 2, 2013

Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

The Royal Concept – D-D-Dance

(scene: Introduction to Liliana and Shaq)

Black Swan Runners – Big Mistake

(scene: Liliana talks about her friendship with Shaq)

Matt Moberg – Pirate Song

(scene: Liliana talks about the risk of expressing her feelings)

Barely Blind – Love (Isn’t Everything)

(scene: Liliana waits for Shaq to arrive)

Matt Pond – Starlet

(scene: Liliana talks about her fears)

The Ceremonies  – Land Of Gathering

(scene: The date continues)

Madness And The Film – Moonlit Shadows

(scene: Shaq and Liliana talk about their feelings)

SWIMM – Feels

(scene: Kris talks about his friendship with Demi)

Lovelife – Your New Beloved

(scene: Kris talks about his feelings)

Cloud Cult – Meet Me Where You’re Going

(scene: Kris gets advice from his Mom)

The Maybe Somedays – All At Once

(scene: Kris waits for Demi to arrive)

Ari Herstand – New Day

(scene: The longest drive)

Patrick Joseph – Setting Sun

(scene: Demi responds to Kris’ admission of feelings)

Belle Mare – The Once Happy Heart

(scene: Kris talks to his mom about the date)

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