Music from Friendzone Season 4 Episode 11

The Ceremonies MTV

Featured Artist: The Ceremonies

Friendzone – Airdate: September 27, 2013

WATCH: The Ceremonies “Land of Gathering” | STREAM: The Ceremonies 

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Ari Herstand – Keep Fighting

(scene: Introduction to Kyle and Christine)

Patrick Joseph – Foot In The Door

(scene: Kyle talks about his friendship with Christine)

Matt Moberg – Racers

(scene: Kyle talks about his fears)

The Ceremonies – Land Of Gathering

(scene: Kyle gets advice from his friend Trevor)

Joey Ryan & The Inks – Fare Thee Well, Poor Ghost

(scene: Kyle gets ready for the date)

Brooke Gerhart – Right By Your Side

(scene: The date continues)

Patrick Joseph – Setting Sun

(scene: Kyle talks about his feelings)

Long Long Showers – A Place To Call Away


Madness And The Film – Moonlit Shadows

(scene: Tatum talks about Andy)

Oh No Fiasco – Step Into The Light

(scene: Tatum talks about her fears)

Brooke Gerhart – Fall

(scene: Tatum gets advice from her friend Kat)

Blue Blazer – Wake Up

(scene: Tatum waits for Andy to arrive)

The Sun And The Sea – Down The Same Path

(scene: Tatum gets ready for the date)

David Christopher Myers – Halo

(scene: Andy and Tatum reflect on their feelings)

Spontaneo – Hold Me Up

(scene: Tatum talks to Kat about the date)

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