Music from Friendzone Season 3 Episode 6

Featured Artist:  Deserted Coastal Property

Friendzone – Airdate: January 31, 2013

Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

New Cassettes – The Waxx

(scene: Shawn waits for Alex to arrive)

California Wives – Blood Red Youth

(scene: Shawn gets ready for the date)

Deserted Coastal Property – Burden

(scene: The longest drive)

Heavy Young Heathens – Dogma Master

(scene: The date continues)

Heavy Young Heathens – Make Room For The Youth

(scene: Introduction to Sandra and Jellie)

Deserted Coastal Property – Eyes Just Fool You

(scene: Sandra waits for Jellie to arrive at the store)

Rondeaux – Lucky Day

(scene: Sandra expresses some fears)

Army Of Freshmen – Some Happy Ending

(scene: The date continues)

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