Music from Friendzone Season 3 Episode 4

Featured Artist:  Air Traffic Controller

Friendzone – Airdate: January 28, 2013

Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Road To Sunday Master

(scene: Introduction to Matt & Jessie)

Mechanical River – Gimmie Me

(scene: Matt waits for Jessie to arrive)

3 Theory – Source Of Space

(scene: Matt gets ready for the date)

Hogni – Sea Of Mercy

(scene: The date concludes)

Army Of Freshman – Any Other Way

(scene: Introduction to Maria and Jonathan)

Heavy Young Heathens – Tell Me What I’m Gonna Do

(scene: Maria talks about her friendship with Jonathan)

Curious – Karma

(scene: Maria waits for Jonathan to arrive)

Air Traffic Controller  – The Work

(scene: Jonathan gives Maria some advice)

Kari Kimmel – So In Love

(scene: Jonathan reacts to Maria’s revelation)

Marching Band – For Your Love

(scene: The date concludes)

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