Music from Friendzone Season 3 Episode 14


Featured Artist:  Glowbug

Friendzone – Airdate: February 20, 2013

Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Hands & Teeth – Parallel States

(scene: Introduction to Nick and Amber)

Papermaps – Reaction Formation

(scene: Nick gets advice from his pal Aaron)

Brad Fillatre – Wheels

(scene: Nick waits to talk to Amber)

Papermaps – Inferior Ghost

(scene: Nick gets ready for the date)

Nels Leafblad – Hurricane

(scene: The longest drive)

Harrison Roach – Find Me

(scene: The date continues)

Marching Band – Home Alone

(scene: Epilogue)

Mechanical River – Tourniquet

(scene: Ben talks about his feelings)

Marching Band – Everything

(scene: Ben talks about his fears)

Glowbug – Oh No!

(scene: Ben waits for Chris to arrive)

Papermaps – Inferior Ghost

(scene: Ben gets ready for the date)

Lennon Sloane – Bigger Than Us

(scene: The date continues)

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