Music from Friendzone Season 3 Episode 10

 Featured Artist:  Arp Attack

Friendzone – Airdate: February 8, 2013

 Keegan Dewitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Army Of Freshmen – Through The Screen

(scene: Introduction to John and Leah)

California Wives – Light Year

(scene: John talks about his feelings for Leah)

Brett Detar – Please Don’t Go Away Like That

(scene: John waits for Leah to arrive)

Brett Detar – Too Free To Live

(scene: John gets ready for the date)

Nels Leafblad – Stop Shivering

(scene: John reveals his feelings)

Nels Leafblad – Winter Road

(scene: Clarissa gets advice from her brothers)

California Wives – The Fisher King

(scene: Clarissa waits for Joe to arrive)

Arp Attack – Amnesty

(scene: Clarissa gets ready for the date)

The Electric Hearts – Be Mine

(scene: The longest drive)

Jenn Grauer – Stay

(scene: Clarissa reflects on the outcome)

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