Music from Friendzone Episode 3

(artist: Robotanists)

Friendzone Airdate: November 3, 2011

Keegan DeWitt – Two Hearts


The Submarines – Shoelaces

(scene: Christie introducing herself)

We The Living – Bold Face

(scene: Dylan and Christie at her family’s bbq.)

Wil Seabrook – Around The World

(scene: Christie shopping with her mom.)

Robotanists – Slow Motion

(scene: Christie practicing hockey.)

We The Living – Demons

(scene: Dylan and Christie on a hammock.)

Kill The Complex – One Great Wonder

(scene: Christie getting her hair done at the salon.)

Go Periscope – Yesterday’s Chemistry

(scene: Dylan saying yes to Christie.)

Go Periscope – Escape The Seas

(scene: Dylan and Christie ice skating together.)

Aitan – Nothing Without You

(scene: Dylan and Christie eating together.)

Parade of Lights – I’ll Never Let You Go

(scene: Pete talking about Victoria.)

Monster Paws – When I Had It All

(scene: Pete and Victoria playing music together.)

Ocha La Rocha – Train Song

(scene: Pete and Victoria getting frozen yogurt.)

Polaris At Noon – Far Away

(scene: Pete and Victoria playing pool.)

National Skyline – The Dark Halls

(scene: Pete talking to his parents.)

The Submarines – A Satellite, Stars and an Ocean

(scene: Pete awaiting Victoria’s arrival.)

National Skyline – A Storm

(scene: Pete getting ready for the date.)

Said The Whale – Moon

(scene: Victoria talking about Pete.)

Adrianne Serna – Let It Shine

(scene: Pete and Victoria going to buy him new shoes.)

Robotanists – Wait A Minute Here

(scene: Pete and Victoria driving to the date.)

Said The Whale – B.C Orienteering

(scene: Pete and Victoria go play miniature golf.)

Aitan – Be My Valentine

(scene: Pete and Victoria go play miniature golf.)

Rogue Valley – Rockaway

(scene: Pete and Victoria go play miniature golf.)

Wil Seabrook – Happily Ever

(scene: Pete asks Victoria to be his girlfriend)

Heavy Young Heathens – A Game Of Pool

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