Music from Friendzone Episode 22

(artist: Said the Whale)

FriendzoneAirdate: December 20, 2011

Keegan DeWitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Said The Whale – Gentlemen

(scene: Introduction to Melita and Marcus)

Vicious Vicious – Charmed Life

(scene: Melita getting ready for the date)

Nikki Lang – Feel Better

(scene: Melita and Marcus driving to the date)

Mandrew – Let’s Run Away

(scene: Melita confronts Marcus about his feelings)

Vicious Vicious – Beggars In the Rain

(scene: Introduction to Brian and Samantha)

Patrick Joseph – Untangled

(scene: Brian and Samantha doing a puzzle)

Heavy Young Heathens – World Of Difference

(scene: Brian gets advice from his pal Justin)

National Skyline – Look Inside

(scene: Brian talks about his feelings)

Parade Of Lights – I’ll Never Let You Go

(scene: Brians waits for Samantha to arrive)

Friends Of Emmet – Headlines

(scene: Samantha gives Brian advice)

Heavy Young Heathens – Late Hour

(scene: Brian and Samantha drive to the date)

Belize – Come Tomorrow

(scene: Brian and Samantha talk about how they feel)

Mandrew – Phoenix

End of Show – Epilogue)

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