Music from Friendzone Episode 21

(artist: George Byrne)

FriendzoneAirdate: December 20, 2011

Keegan DeWitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Mandrew – Phoenix

(scene: Scott talks about his friendship with Lauren)

Matt Moberg – Dust Of Death

(scene: Scott asking his friend Dan’s advice)

Rogue Valley – The Rutting Moon

(scene: Scott waits for Lauren to arrive)

Matt Moberg – Love On My Arm

(scene: Scott gets ready for his date)

Rogue Valley – Disappearing Ink

(scene: Lauren’s responds to Scott’s feelings)

Adrianne Serna – All The Good Stuff

(scene: Scott and Lauren talk on the beach)

Standard Thompson – Life Of

(scene: Epilogue)

National Skyline – Never Find You

(scene: Introduction to Sid and Courtney)

The Lost Chorus – Landline

(scene: Scott talks about his feelings for Courtney)

The Jean Marie – Savannah

(scene: Sid gets advice from his friend Chris)

Wing & A Prayer – The Drive

(scene: Chris gives his advice)

Avion Roe – Who Am I

(scene: Sid working out in the gym)

Belize – Come Tomorrow

(scene: Courtney talks about her feelings)

George Byrne – Goldmine

(scene: Sid getting ready for the date)

Mandrew – Find Your Goodbye

(scene: Sid tells Courtney how he feels)

Matt Moberg – Minnesota Man

(scene: Sid and Courtney talking in the bar)

George Byrne – Everybody Hides

(scene: Courtney responds to his feelings)

Standard Thompson – Life Of

(scene: Sid talks about how he feels)

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