Music from Friendzone Episode 20

(artist: Locksley)

FriendzoneAirdate: December 8, 2011

Keegan DeWitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

National Skyline – The Young Life

(scene: Introduction to Franklin and Erica)

Heavy Young Heathens – Sad But True

(scene: Franklin talks about his feelings)

Friends Of Emmet – Headlines

(scene: Franklin gets his mom’s advice)

The Brutes – Yourspace

(scene: Erica and Franklin play cards)

Rogue Valley – Jar Flies

(scene: Franklin waits for Erica to arrive)

Wing & A Prayer – Goodnight My Dear

(scene: Erica talks about her feelings)

National Skyline – Glass Dance Floor

(scene: Introduction to Wayne and Megan)

Wing & A Prayer – Another Day Too Soon

(scene: Wayne helps Megan work on her car)

Wing & A Prayer – Reunited

(scene: Wayne gets advice from his friend Tim)

Locksley – Take Me There

(scene: Wayne working around his house)

Heavy Young Heathens – 20-Two

(scene: Megan giving Wayne advice for his date)

Dandylion WarPaint – Grain Of Salt

(scene: Wayne gets a haircut)

Mark Mallman – In These Times Of Harsh Economy

(scene: Wayne and Megan drive to the date)

Wing & A Prayer – Another Day Too Soon

(scene: Wayne tells Megan how he feels)

Soft Pipes – You Heard Me Calling

(scene: Megan talks about her feelings)

Patrick Joseph – Untangled

(scene: Wayne and Megan talk to Tim)

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