Music from Follow The Rules: Season 1 FINALE

Follow The Rules


Xzibit – “Do It All”
Show Open

Philly Chase – “Fire In The Hole”
The grannies are excited about the new yoga instructor

Donnie Cross ft. Dukes of Daville – “Money”
Ja comes up with a plan to teach the kids about money

Rose Hart – “Doin’ My Thing”
Transition after yoga class

Coe 24k – “All Talk”
Act Open

Money B – “Make Money Money”
The Kids start their chores

Kovas – “One”
Transition after chores

Kwini Rene – “Rhythm Nation”
Act Open

Emazin – “Count It All Up”
Ja gives out the kids earnings

Steven Cooper – “Paid Dues”
Act Open

Dirty Radio – “Head Go Wild”
Transition to yoga

Phx-Periment – “Good Life”
Act Open

Jumpshot Jones, Jt Evans & Megha Maan – “Good Time”
The grannies agree to babysit so the kids can go on the ski trip

Redd Gobblin Cartel – “When I Come Through”
The family packs for the ski trip

FIC & Megha Maan – “Get In My Car”
The family heads out for the ski trip

Khristian B – “Take It Down”
Ja and Ish hit the slopes

Abstrak Mind (aka A.M.) – “Go Ill”
Everyone Skis

PHARAOH MAC & DMT – “One Time”
Act Open

Hannibal Leq – “I Go”
The grannies shopping

Dirty Radio – “Ready To Go”
Ja and Ish try to have time away from the kids

T.O. Da Prezident – “Throw Ya Money”
Ja gives the kids money

The Placemints ft. Boogieman – “Dancing On Top Of The World (New Swag Remix by R8d!0)”
The family heads out to get supplies for the surprise anniversary dinner

Ozwald Bozwald – “HDP-Alarm”
Ja & Ish Skiing

Young Mennace – “Light My Fire”
Act Open

Primetime Playerz – “Sky’s the Limit”
Ja & Ish make up

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