Music from Follow The Rules: Season 1, Episode 9

Follow The Rules


J. Pinder ft. Zach Bruce – “Some Kinda Star”
Show Open

Kovas – “Warrior”
Ja shops for home security equipment

Megha Maan – “Work!”
Act Open

The Beatards – “Get Lite”
Brit takes the grandmas shopping

The Beatards – “Don’t Step On My Sneakers”
Brit takes the grandmas shopping cont.

Nicolay Mondaine – “Diva”
The grandma makeover continues back at the house

Young Mennace – “Lil Miss Sassy”
The grandmas get glammed up

Kovas – “Wax On Wax Off”
The grandmas get waxed

Xzibit – “Get On Like This”
Act Open

Young Riot – “We Live Like This”
The grandmas get hit on by younger men

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