Music from Follow The Rules: Season 1, Episode 7

Follow The Rules


Mike Classic – “All I Want”
Brit on the phone with her new boyfriend

Blac Haze – “Get Dat Money”
At the tattoo shop

Skip Rage – “Out Of Love”

Kovas – “Deed It Main”

Kovas – “The Dopest”
Jordy cooks with grandma

She’s Ryan – “Trouble”
Ja tells Jordy he’ll set him up with a cooking lesson from Geoff Zakarian

Def Conz – “Clap Your Hands”
At the cooking class

Vokab Kompany & Crush Effect – “World Wide”
Brit getting a tattoo

Impirio & Cru – “Superstars”
Brit gets a fake tattoo

Pigeon John – “The Bomb”
Jordy is cooking for the VIP clients

Skully Boyz – “Poppin Bottles”
Jordy’s family is the surprise VIP client

Jessie Chambers ft. Derek Webb – “DreamKillas”
At the Rule’s house

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