Music from Follow The Rules: Season 1, Episode 4

Follow The Rules


Master Jay & Micheal Dee – “The Sounds Of Brooklyn”
Act Open

The Natural ft. Alyssa Bernal – “Top Of The World”
Britney and the girls dance in the car

The DNC ft. Yoni – “Superfly”
The Rule house

L.A.W. – “Get Down”
The grandmas give Ja a hard time about laundry

Sacario – “Quick Money”
Ja is late to pick up the boys

Tyke T Ft. Coke – “Stop Us Now”
The girls head out to the party

Ferrari Snowday – “Kick It”
The Rule house

D&D ft. The Rej3ctz – “NYSM”
Shawn arrives at the party

Jumpshot Jones, Megha Maan, JT Evans & Grandz – “Solitude”
The party

Impirio and Cru – “Here 4U”
Next day

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