Music from Follow The Rules: Season 1, Episode 3

Follow The Rules


Khristian B – “Doing My Thing”
Act Open

Rootbeer – “Girlies”
Ja is going to teach Jordy to be a playa

O.K.I.M. ft. Tori Stylez – “We Can Call This Famous Love”
Act Open

Kovas – “Hot Girls”
Sophie accepted Jordy’s offer for a date

My Hero – “Break Out”
Jeff sneaks out to the strip club

Bryce Vine – “Guilty Pleasure”
Jordy heads out for his date; Jeff heads to the stip club

The Beatards – “This Is For The…”
Jeff arrives at the strip club

Ozwald Bozwald – “I Know”
Act Open

The DNC ft. Natasha Paghunie – “Love Story”
Jordy’s date

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