Music from Follow The Rules: Season 1, Episode 10

Follow The Rules


Khristian B – “Living Large”
Show Open

Shaun B – “Alright”
No one wants to play with Ja

Khristian B – “So Far Out”
Ja wants to take the family camping

Megha Maan – “Go Hard or Go Home”
The kids plot against the camping trip

BigPlayTae – “Big Play”
Everyone preps for the camping trip

J.Mack – “Big Truck”
Ja drives the huge RV and crashes it

Young Mennace – “So Sick”
Act Open

Maurico – “City Come Alive”
The camping trip ends early, the family heads back to the city

K. Jackson – “Candy Man”
The kids set up camping in the house to surprise Ja

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