Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b PREMIERE

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Saint Motel


Misterwives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song.

Kari Kimmel – “Black to Gray”
The Wilson family exits the courtroom amidst chaos. Carter follows Ben outside the courthouse.

Wildlife – “Lightning Tent”
Carter and Taylor walk through the halls at school and talk about Ben.

Saint Motel – “Midnight Movies”
Taylor listens to music through headphones while she studies in the library. Gabe and Damon talk to Taylor. Damon invites Bird to Gabe’s.

Crusoe – “Captivate”
Bird meets Ben. Carter and Crash talk on the phone. Ben asks for a ride.

Ruelle – “Fight To The End”
Carter and Ben ride in the car. Ben gets out and goes into the backyard of a house. David talks to Lori.

Foxworth Hall – “This Time”
Carter and Crash talk on the phone while Carter waits in the car.

Highly Suspect – “Claudeland”
Ben and Carter are chased out of a backyard and speed off in a car.

Chazz Traxx ft. J-Dash and Paloma Rush – “DJ Make The Party Jump”
Gabe takes a shot at his party. Everyone starts cheering, and the music is turned up. Crash leaves Carter a voicemail.

Meg Cottone, Raphael Lake, Clav – “Do You Believe”
Taylor and Damon talk at Gabe’s party.

In Tall Buildings – “Pouring Out”
Carter drops off Ben. The two of them talk in the car.

Spinowitz ft. DJ Stubbs – “Hey Girl, Turn Around”
Carter arrives at Gabe’s party.

Ben Lam ft. Tiffany Haines – “Hearts Colliding”
Carter talks to Crash at Gabe’s party.

GunSlungLow – “Got Me”
Carter and Max talk on the couch at the party. Bird and Ben arrive at the party and talk to Carter and Max.

Leo Soul – “Under Your Spell”
Bird, Carter, and Taylor talk in the kitchen during the party.

Taylr Renee – “Bad Boy”
Taylor and Ben talk at Gabe’s party.

Sundara Karma – “Hustle”
Carter introduces Ben to Crash. Carter, Bird, and Ben leave the party.

DiRTY RADiO – “Letchu Loose”
Carter, Bird and Ben talk, and leave the party.

Saint Motel – “My Type”
Ben takes pictures of Carter and Bird and makes the fake IDs.

Flint Eastwood – “On Top”
Damon and Taylor play a drinking game. Taylor and Gabe get into an argument.

Paloma Rush – “President”
Carter, Ben and Bird arrive at a bar. A bouncer is checking ID’s.

Zachary Kibbee – “My Own Two Feet”
Carter, Ben, and Bird enter the bar. Jared steps in when Carter gets hit on.

Sleep Machine – “Wild For You”
Jared and Carter talk at a bar.

Christian Carcamo – “Closer to You”
Carter and Crash meet up to talk outside of the high school.

Soren Bryce – “Forever’s Not Enough”
David shows up at Lori’s. Carter applies for the server job. Ben takes out stacks of 100s and credit cards from his backpack. David walks away from Lori’s apartment.

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