Music from Finding Carter: Season 2b FINALE

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Colours


Charlotte Carpenter – “Take It All”
Carter is stitched up. David and Liz arrive before Lori and Carter can talk. Cops come for Lori.

Death Has No Dominion – “Harvest”
Taylor and Grant talk in the waiting room.

Sennen – “Sundown”
David talks on the phone and then to Taylor in his office.

Ruelle – “War of Hearts”
Carter sits on her bed and calls Elizabeth. Taylor asks Carter where she’s going and apologizes.

Laleh – “Boom”
Crash and Carter talk in the truck. Rick opens the door and gets in after Crash leaves.

Olivia Millerschin – “I Can Say”
Taylor talks to Ben at Max’s apartment. David and Liz tell Lori about Ben’s new living arrangements.

Datageist ft. Miakoda – “Under the Gun”
Carter, Taylor, Ben and Crash talk in an apartment. Carter realizes who is responsible for Jared’s death. Max walks through a police station.

Natali Felicia – “Used To Be”
Liz and David help Ben get settled. Ben calls someone to meet up.

Above The Clouds – “Don’t Come Back For Me”
Max and Lori talk in a jail cell. Carter, Taylor and Max talk in the car and Max recalls the events that lead to Jared’s death.

Colours – “Alone”
Max talks to Crash. He is worried his anger is like his Dad’s. Crash assures him he’s different.

Bird – “A War”
Ben tells Rick their square, but Rick says Ben is his until he says. He starts beating on Ben.

Jill Andrews – “The End of Everything”
Taylor talks to Lori in a jail cell. Lori is released from jail. Ben is beaten in the middle of the street and left on the ground as Rick drives away. The group watches as Max is taken into custody.

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